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Dynamic programming and memoization work together. The main difference between dynamic programming and divide and conquer is that in the case of the latter, sub problems are independent, whereas in DP there can be an overlap of sub problems.

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By using memoization [maintaining a table of sub problems already solved], dynamic programming reduces the exponential complexity to polynomial complexity (O(n 2 ), O(n 3 ), etc.) for many problems .

Components of Dynamic Programming

Generally Dynamic Programming has two components :

            Dynamic Programming = Recursion + Memoization

Properties of Dynamic Programming Strategy

The two dynamic programming properties which can tell whether it can solve the given problem or not…

In This Article I have Covered 40 Questions | Swift Programming

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1. What is Type Inference ?

In short its an ability of swift . You dont always need to write types of variables and constant you making in your code . For example :

// swift know its Int type
var age = 40 // Int
// You dont need to tell them always like below
var age : Int = 40

2. What is Generics ?

Generic code enables you to write flexible, reusable functions and types that can work with any type, subject to requirements that you define.

Understanding it with an example :

Suppose you want to swap to values of type Int , lets write a non-generic functions…

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The path I was following to look up the backend , includes the following :

  • Node JS
  • Express JS
  • Packages

Note : This Article will Only Include some Basic Overviews only !

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Starting from Node JS , Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end, JavaScript runtime environment .

Creating Our Own Server

Now we will create a HTTP server listening on port 3000 , which sends Hello, World! to the browser. …

We will try to create our own array that is custom and powerful !

Custom Sorted Array

Here we will creating a type of array that take elements and sort on their own . Both the integers and strings .

You only need to give them elements , and they will store in sorted form , even if it is a string !

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Here are some basics and important knowledge about OS that every developer should know !

Before We Start !

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What is OS in Simple ?

An operating system provides an interface to user to interact with the computers hardware .

Why OS ?

To write directly machine level language is really difficult for any programmer , since in early 60s people use to write machine level language directly . Now we have OS to avoid writing those MLL instead we use OS interface to interact with hardware .

Some OS are convenient and some are efficient and some are both .

Hashing — “Modern Technique” | Hash Function | Hash Table | Collision

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Introducing Hash Table

Hashing is a most used data structure in real world nowadays . It let you perform operations in a constant time O(1) . While in linear and binary search , you got to search in O(n) and O(logn) .

In last 10–15 years , we are not worrying much about memory spaces , but we want things to be much much faster , even if it took some extra memory space . Search engines like google or in any ecommerce site , we want searching very very fast . …

Just Check it if you want to learn DB !

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In which language MySQL has been written?

MySQL is written in C and C++ .

What is Workbench ?

Its is a GUI for Handling db .

What is Functional Dependency ?

Functional Dependency (FD) is a constraint that determines the relation of one attribute to another attribute in a Database Management System (DBMS). Functional Dependency helps to maintain the quality of data in the database. It plays a vital role to find the difference between good and bad database design.

What is Normalization?

Normalization is a method of organizing the data in the database which helps you to avoid data redundancy, insertion, update & deletion anomaly. …

100 + Que/Ans Series , I am posting a continue series on iOS Interview questions from a basic concept to advance . 😎

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22. When would you say that an app is in active state ?

An app is said to be in active state when it is accepting events and running in the foreground.

23. What is the difference between Viewdidload and Viewdidappear ?

  • Viewdidload is called when it is loaded into memory .
  • Viewdidappear is called when the view is visible and presented on the device .

24. What do you meant by Concurrency ?

Concurrency is a condition in a program where two or more tasks are defined independently, and each can execute independent of the other, even if the other is also executing at the same time.

25. Which are the ways of achieving concurrency in iOS ?

The three ways to achieve concurrency in iOS…

100 + Que/Ans Series , I am posting a continue series on iOS Interview questions from a basic concept to advance . 😎

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17. Explain Core Data ?


  • Its a Framework 💯

Apple Says : “Use Core Data to save your application’s permanent data for offline use, to cache temporary data, and to add undo functionality to your app on a single device.” 😮

Core data gives you these features : Persistence , Undo and Redo of Individual or Batched Changes , Background Data Tasks , View Synchronization , Versioning and Migration etcc.. .

Creating a Core Data Model

The first step in working with Core Data is to create a data model file. Here you define the structure of your application’s objects, including their object types, properties, and relationships. …

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